Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yuka & Jake's Maternity Shoot!

Yuka and I have been friends since I used to live in Arizona in 2006. She and her husband Jake were on their last vacation trip in Hawaii for a while... why? Because Yuka is 7 months pregnant :-) When we met up for a lunch, Yuka asked if we could do a maternity photo shoot. I was very excited about this opportunity, especially because this is my first time taking pictures of a mom-to-be. I brainstormed every single day what would be cool for a maternity shoot - then we decided to use a couple of hours to take both indoor and outdoor pictures :-) For indoors, I wanted to focus on the portrait and the figure, and for outside, I wanted to incorporate them with Hawaii's nature.

I was very happy that Yuka was open for ideas, such as which wardrobe to use. For the indoor shoot,  my idea was to use a white thin cloth around her body so that you can see the belly very well. Yuka had nice emotions on her face... her smile was very gentle, and I realized that she is getting ready to become a mother in the near future. Jake was very supportive with this photo shoot - he was very good at bringing Yuka with nice natural smiles :-) I am so happy to see them welcoming their baby boy in June!

Congratulations Yuka & Jake!

- Kay (Photography & Blog)

2006年にアリゾナに住んでいた頃からの友人であるYukaさんがハワイに旦那さんといらっしゃるという事で、一緒にランチに行きました。Yukaさんは現在妊娠8ヶ月。「マタニティ写真って撮れる?」と相談を頂き、ハワイにいる間に撮影する事に決定しました:-) 実はマタニティの撮影は今回が初めてなのですが、ずっと撮ってみたいと思っていたのでとても嬉しいオファーだったのです。その日から毎日、どんな写真にしたいか色々検討した結果、インドアとアウトドアと両方で撮影する事にしました。インドアでは体の良く見えるポートレイトを、そしてアウトドアでは美しいハワイの自然をバックに撮影しました:-)

Yukaさんはいろいろな撮影アイディアや衣装にも快くチャレンジしてくれました。そして旦那様のJakeさんと一緒の撮影では、とても自然な表情をしていらっしゃって、これから3人で幸せな家庭を築いて行くのだろうな、と思いました:-) Yukaさんの表情はとても柔らかく、もうすぐ「おかあさん」になる雰囲気で溢れていました。


- Kay (フォトグラフィー&ブログ)